Rosalie / Carl Stone

Good afternoon Felix,

My wife and I have been married for five years and she has only been visiting me on a Holiday Visa we were lost and stress as we don’t know how she can apply a Permanent Residency specially her multiple entry visa has nearly finished. I live in Katherine Northern Territory for over 5 years and it’s difficult to find assistance here. One day we went shopping at happy corner (Filipino Shop) and we found a business card of Felix Carao so we called him and start a conversation about Immigration matters and we found that Mr Felix has a lot of knowledge in dealing with Immigration so we made an appointment to see him and he has kind enough to fly going to Darwin to come and see us.

While having a conversation with him we feel that he will be able to help us what we need as we don’t know how my wife can stay with me in Australia permanently, at the same time we discuss about the cost of lodging the Visa and his professional fee service which we found that it is reasonable, he started working on our Spouse Visa application as time was running out as my wife had to go back to exit her visa within a month we provided all the details he required from us, then he lodged our visa within 3 days my wife granted a Bridging Visa allowing her to work and study in Australia while waiting for the processing of our Spouse Visa application.

We strongly recommend for someone seeking Immigration assistance to contact Mr. Felix Carao as he has knowledge and more experience in dealing with Immigration matters. We feel that Felix is not only our agent but he is a good friend, helpful and keeping us up to date at all times.

Thank You,

Rosalie / Carl Stone