Ralph Potenciano

ALLSKILLS delivers their best to guide and support Filipino registered nurses who would like to pursue the Australian dream. I am now working here in Australia as a registered nurse after finishing a bridging course with the assistance of this reputable agency.At first I was anxious to pursue my nursing career in the “Land Down Under” since it involved considerable amount of money and I had no relatives to lend me a hand. Luckily, ALLSKILLS has vast connections and provided me assistance with the accommodation and support system to make my stay in Australia easier.What is more encouraging in Australia is that you truly have equal opportunity. It is what you know and not who you know matters in job applications. In addition, one month salary in the Philippines is equivalent to one day shift in Australia. Just imagine how much you could earn in a month!Lastly, if you want to go a step further in your career and have a better future, Australia is the best place for you. With the support of ALLSKILLS coupled with your determination and faith in God, you could go through as well to live the Australian dream.

Ralph Potenciano25 February 2011