Partner (Temporary) (class UK) Partner (subclass 820) Visa Approval

Dear Mr Felix and Miya!

I so happy with your service and all of things you both did to help me! From the day 24 August 2016, the Migration Agent from Adelaide where I signed a contract for Partner visa application, they did not lodge my application and told me that my holiday visa was expired 15 days ago. I asked them why let my visa expired and they told me that I should leave AU as soon as possible because they didn’t lodge my partner visa application I was really disappointed and surprised why I was signed contracts, fill up the forms , deposit half money for Adelaide Agents and they let my visa expire and didn’t inform me. That time I was staying at my sister house in Darwin.

My sister husband rang migration agents in Darwin and have one lady introduced Mr. Felix number on phone for my sister husband. Mr. Felix explained me about my visa expired conditions. He explained my sister, her husband and me Step by step that how AllSkills can help and guided us to get my money back from previous agent. We signed a contract with Allskills and we had only 7 days for finish all the form and evidence for application my visa. With their professionalism and worked so hard in 7 days and lodged my application on 01 September 2016 and I had my bridging visa on 02 September 2016 which allowed me to stay in Australia with my partner.  Until now we was have 7 months’ work together. I was see how they are professional when they help me how to find more evidence, information and explained with DIBP how long our relationship has been for. Why we are not married, my visa expired, why we are in de-facto etc.

They made my case so strong. Today I and my Partner so happy and excited to hear from Mr Felix. I was have Permanent resident visa. One more time I’m surprised because normally we have to wait 12 -18 months to get Visa. We no need waiting long time for visa and waiting for Permanent residents visa. I don’t know how to says about my feelings. I so thankful Mr. Felix and his staff Miya was helping me a lot with they professionally! I feel so lucky when I can come to the true place ALLSKILLS office and see the professional people and took their help for visa. Really I don’t know what happened if we don’t know your office. Maybe I was in Vietnam, away from my partner With all my honour, I want says thankful to Mr Felix and his Staff Miya.

I will introduce every people if they ask me where I applied visa – is ALLSKILLS. Hope your business will grow up in future for helping to many people like me.


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Partner (Temporary) (class UK) Partner (subclass 820) Visa Approval