Mary Jean Balacuit

Being a nurse in the Philippines is like being a needle in a haystack, there are just so many nurses right now and not enough positions to accommodate the nursing graduates and board passers each year. With the volume of Filipino nurses graduating plus the current status of the US and Europe economy, it is nearly impossible to have an opportunity to go abroad.That is why I am very thankful to AllSkills for helping me reach my dream of going abroad. AllSkills has helped me each step of the way from day 1 to the day I arrived Australia. Although there were doubts and uncertainty in my part, living in a place I had no connections, the wait was all worth it when I finally reached Australia. It’s everything I ever thought a good city should be. People are very friendly and the environment is very laid back, just the way I like it. I am currently still on the bridging course AllSkills helped me get, and I can’t wait to work because Australia is a perfect place to earn a lot and meet new people. Thanks to the support of AllSkills, my amazing family, friends and of course God Almighty.

Mary Jean Balacuit 30 May 2011Adelaide Australia