Kristian Indino

It is a great struggle to become a nurse in the Philippines. I would know. I was one of the millions of nurses who couldn’t get a job back home. It is near to impossible to get a decent job as a nurse in the Philippines. With the economy in the US and most European countries going into recession, the chances of working abroad for hopeful nurses like myself gets even bleaker. It is very frustrating to be unemployed after I graduated and got my license as an RN. The psychological and emotional stress that being unemployed has is really depressing. And despite all my best efforts to land a job in the hospitals, there just isn’t an opportunity. I had to turn my life around and look into another direction for a brighter future.Then Allskills came into the picture of my seemingly hopeless career as a nurse in the Philippines. Allskills made me look Down Under for a promising future. The scheme to work as a registered nurse in Australia that Allskills offered is really clear, and best of all, it makes a whole lot of sense. I get to do just a 12 week bridging program that will lead me directly into the Australian workforce as a registered nurse. It’s that simple. Talking my parents through to supporting my Australian dream was a little bit of a struggle. The imposing costs of pursuing the Australian dream can look discouraging at first glance, especially to average income earners like my parents. But with Allskills’ career pathway that’s so clear, the return of financial investment can be quick. I believed in the scheme and so did my parents, and despite the financial costs, we saw the promising rewards at the end of the tunnel.Allskills was very instrumental with helping me realise my Australian dream. They helped me process all my papers into getting to an educational institution that offers a bridging program for overseas nurses. They guided me through to my student visa application and to finding me a warm accommodation with a Filipino family here in Australia. They were also very helpful with the speedy processing of my Australian license as a registered nurse. They assisted me with finding a job as well. Allskills went beyond their responsibilities as stated in the contract that I’ve signed. They went out of their league to support me all the way. The best thing with being with Allskills is that, I felt like they’ve become my family here in Australia. Their duties go beyond the company-clientele relationship.

Their services have become 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I felt comfortable contacting them anytime that I have a problem and they do their very best to help me. With Allskills, I’ve never felt alone here in Australia.After just barely five months of being in Australia, I am now a registered nurse here and I am now working with the renal unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Working as a registered nurse here is fun. I am enjoying every minute of it, and I am learning a lot through this whole experience. The working conditions are great, and I am now able to slowly reap the rewards of my investment.

Australia is a wonderful place to live. Thank you Allskills for helping realise my dreams.Kristian :)Pleasure is mine Sir Felix. It wasn’t difficult to make that testimonial because it comes from my heart. Allskills has delivered what it is has promised and I am forever grateful for the opportunity given me by Allskills. I am glad to be an example for Filipino nurses like me back home who are struggling to make it. Thank you very much with all the help. I hope our friendship continues on. I will be in touch and I won’t hesitate to approach you or Doc Joey whenever I have any problems. Thank you again for everything. All the best for Allskills.


Kristian Indino25 February 2011