Fred van den Berg

Hi Felix and Carmel,

As you are aware I was very apprehensive about the attitude of the Philippines emigration officers at point of departure. Personally I earlier had some bad experiences in Manila, which caused me being taken off the scheduled flight, due to a legislative change made to the Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) cards. My old ACR did not mention an expiry date, whereas the new ones have one printed on them. From my friends in the Philippines I heard several horror stories about the graft and corruption at Clark international airport.

Flor found the CFO “interrogations” (CFO calls them counselling session) very intimidating. Only when she told the interviewer that she was a College graduate, their attitude changed instantly. Flor found Carmel’s advice invaluable, as most of the requirements were not listed, neither on the CFO website nor in the paperwork provided. Thanks Carmel.

From there on it was smooth sailing. I gave Flor $3000 in case the emigration officer would request to see the travel allowance.
To my surprise Flor cleared the Philippines emigration well before me, as I had to clear emigration through a different channel. The emigration officer only inspected the CFO and counselling stickers and not a single question was asked.

We arrived in Australia on 16 October and on the 17th Flor received her Medicare card, was added as a joint account holder for my savings and visa card accounts, and received an appointment with Vic Roads (the local LTO) for her Learner driver exam. Likely tomorrow (20th October) she will do her English exam as a requirement for her Allied Health Services Certificate, which course starts in November.

Both Flor and I wish to thank you for so much good support. Given the complexity of the Australian and Philippines immigration laws we found

your service invaluable and believe that the money spent on hiring All Skills was money well spent. We allow you to use us as a reference for your future clients, in case such a reference is required.

Thanks again

Warmest regards

Fred van den BergFlor Jongco20 October 2013