Celerina Amedo

Hi good day everyone. I am Celerina Amedo currently holding a newly grant family visa subclass 572 with the help of Mr. Felix Carao at all skills recruitment & migration services. My problem before was, how to apply a new subclass family visa and what are the requirements? Mr. Carao answered all my questions. But before I knew Mr. Felix Carao at all skills recruitment & migration services, I was talked to the other agent who was referred to me by my employer. My boss told me that it is easier to talk to the professionals because they know everything. I followed my boss’ advice and talked to this agent whom she referred to me. But at the end of our conversation, I am not convinced of what she is talking about. I am confused. There are so much questions on my mind and she only given me only one option of what I need to do. Talking to her in a half hour session is not enough as I am only booked with her office for half hour only because it was also very expensive. She also told me that every time I want to talk to her, all I need is to book with her again or to her sister and come to her office if I have questions with regards of my visa.

Until I found all skills recruitment & migration services. Mr. Felix Carao was very great and genius. He was given me so many options on what I need to do step by step or even given me a worst case scenarios to be solved. All skills recruitment & migration services helped me by responding all my inquiries straight away in all forms of communication like email, text, or telephone calls anytime, anywhere in less than 24 hours. If I want to ask something and needed an immediate reply, I will text or call Mr. Felix Carao on his mobile and he was answering me right away without a doubt.

One thing I like at all skills recruitment & migration services was their willingness to help people like me who was no idea about visa procedures. They are unique because they are helping people all the way in all forms of communication, no need to booked for and come to their office because they are very easy to reached. I knew straight away what the status of my paper was. As well, the fee is very reasonable compared to the first agent that I was asking for an advice.

I found the experience at all skills recruitment & migration services very satisfying and fulfilling. The result of my new family visa was granted after two weeks of lodging all my documents that are necessary for the processing. Our work with all skills recruitment & migration services exceeded my expectations for service and flexibility. I am pleased to work with them again in the future. I would also recommend all skills recruitment & migration services to my friends and the people I know who needed help in terms of their visa.

To Mr. Felix Carao of all skills recruitment & migration services, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for all the help. God bless you and your company. I am looking forward working with you again after I will finish my studies here in Sydney.

God bless and more power in your company!

Sincerely yours,

Celerina AmedoInternational StudentNewly grant family visa subclass 572Sydney, Australia