GRANT of Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (Subclass 187) Temporary Residence Transition Stream

Hi everyone,

This is an extension of my sincere gratitude to my migration agent, no other than FELIX CARAO lll and the staff of ALLSKILLS RECRUITMENT AND MIGRATION SERVICES.

13 years ago when I first boarded my overseas flight bound to Taiwan for work, I considered it as an achievement for my career as an OFW. As time goes fast for a 2 employment contracts finished for six years, I saw that there’s something missing for my effort and that’s the quality of life. So I keep on dreaming of having it in the future with my family.

I found an opportunity to work as a skilled worker for an oil and gas company in Dubai,UAE. I gave my full dedication to my job and happy to what I earned for a monthly income. Everything in Dubai is affordable if you work hard. Gadgets, appliances, food, drinks, clothing and many more can be easily purchase there. But most of all is l never forgot my obligations to send money for my family and sometimes to my parents. Almost a year of being away from my wife and children, I feel loneliness every time I have a day off. That’s one reason why I opened my DREAM again to be with them during my free time or after work. I know it’s impossible unless I can migrate to western countries like Canada, USA, NZ, UK or Australia.

Having a little confident, I opened my laptop computer and began searching on how I can get an employment in that western countries in which the only way to fulfill my dream. With my prayers and the google search engine, I found job vacancies in Australia which is related to my skill and experience. With no waste of time, I done online job applications every day after my work. Sending resume for different agencies and employers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Canada…. and checking my email when ever I have spare time.

It’s not easy for me until I received my first email from Mr. Felix Carao lll of ALLSKILLS RECRUITMENT AND MIGRATION SERVICES in mid September of 2012, I have doubts at that time if I can make it due to heaps of requirements needed,but because of my determination, prayers and most of all the EXPERTISE of my agent Mr. Felix Carao lll, we made the processing smooth as a cotton balls and got my 457 visa in just within 2 and half months while I’m still working in the Middle East. WOW I can’t believed when I first step the soil of Australia and begin working, but I know it’s the dream come true.

It’s not the end of my connection with Mr. Felix Carao lll, after 4 months from my arrival here in Australia,he again help me in processing my wife and children’s visa so that they can live with me here. A couple of years past and again he helped us to settle our permanent residency status in which the most vital stage to gain citizenship.

More than 5 years already here in Australia, we moved from Darwin, Northern Territory to a wonderful city of Brisbane in Queensland. Enjoying the benefits of children’s education, health care, equality and most all having what they called QUALITY of LIFE…..

As long as I live, I will never ever forget the bridge that I used to cross to Australia which is the ALLSKILLS RECRUITMENT AND MIGRATION SERVICES and the person behind my success, no other than my agent, adviser and a friend Mr. FELIX CARAO lll.

For those who want to work and live here in Australia, my advice is just follow your dreams and don’t stop believing.

With thanks and warm regards,

Glenn Virtudazo and family

GRANT of Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (Subclass 187) Temporary Residence Transition Stream