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We are the experts in helping you migrate and find work in Australia. We also specialize in assisting Australian companies find the right employees.

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Registered Immigration Agents in the Melbourne, Darwin and Beyond


Allskills Recruitment and Migration Services Pty Ltd is a renowned Immigration Agent in Melbourne that offers a wide range of professional services to our clients including temporary and permanent visa assistance, citizenship eligibility applications, Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) submissions and waivers, and Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal submissions. Our result-driven immigration services ensure that our clients get the assistance they need to gain approval of their visa applications.

Our Immigration Consultants from Melbourne are highly qualified with years of experience in handling visa applications at a great success rate. Our team of expert counsellors are knowledgeable in Australian immigration law and visa requirements which guarantees professional and efficient processing of applications and greater chances for approval.

We take pride in the quality of the services we provide to our clients through personalized consultation and cost-effective processing of documents. Our main goal is client satisfaction with constant support throughout the application process, from consultation to approval.

Immigration Consultant Melbourne

Talk to the leading migration and recruitment specialist.

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Migration Agent Melbourne

Allskills provide visa assistance to anyone who want to migrate to Australia.

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Melbourne Migration Agent

Aside from Visa assistance, we at Allskills can provide job placements and overseas employment in Australia.

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Melbourne Immigration Agent

Allskills boasts of skilled, competent and reliable Filipino manpower to fill your critical skill shortages.

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Don’t just take our word.

3 major benefits on using AllSkills

 One-stop Shop

Allskills is your one-stop shop for your Australia migration concerns. We help you with the preparation for your visa as well as your job concerns in Australia.


Allskills has been proven to be very efficient in handling our clients from consultancy, visa preparation, recruitment towards overall fulfilment at the earliest possible time.


Allskills has the knowledge, experience and expertise in handling your migration visa and job recruitment needs for Australia. We’ve been doing this for a number of years.

For any queries, don’t hesitate to leave us a message

If you wanted to find out more about why we’re the leading registered immigration agents in Darwin, Melbourne and the rest of Australia, get in contact with us today. You can leave us a message on our contact us page and one of our friendly staff will strive to get back to you in a timely manner to provide any additional information. For information on our 457 employer sponsored visa, please click on the provided link. We’re happy to help in any way we can to ensure you are able to enjoy Australia the way you’d like to.